Research and development

100% made in italy

This department is the centerpiece of creating a cosmetic.

Here passion and enthusiasm are the protagonists giving life to the ideas that will become reality.

With a lot of commitment and effort we are able to carry out the “impossible missions” with which the most demanding customer challenges us.

A team of technicians, chemists and biologists collaborate assiduously to formulate an innovative and cutting-edge cosmetic.

Continuous training and constant updating is the secret to obtaining an optimal result from the point of view of texture, thanks to the use of the latest generation raw materials (emulsifiers and active ingredients) to ensure maximum efficacy and safety of use.

Here all the primordial tests take place, the first samples are born which are also reviewed several times until a cosmetic is obtained that perfectly reflects what is sought in order to also ensure a perfect and reproducible product once industrialized.

This department in fact collaborates closely with the production department, in order to prevent and possibly correct upstream any problems that may occur with industrialization; moreover it sees a close collaboration with the marketing department providing ever new stimuli for a cosmetic that faces an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

100% made in italy