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Personalized service

The personalized service we offer to the customer for the realization of a project is concrete.

We listen to the customer’s needs and transform his idea into reality, supporting him 100%, offering knowledge, confidentiality and expertise to develop and produce safe and effective cosmetics in compliance with current legislation.

We are able to satisfy the most demanding customer, with the most ambitious project on small, medium, large production scale.

Raw materials

Innovation, safety and regulatory standards are the guidelines that the Claride team uses to support the customer in choosing the raw materials to be used for the production of a high quality cosmetic.

The raw materials are stored in an environment suitable for maintaining the “shelf life” of the products in the most correct way. Each batch of new materials is subjected to chemical-physical and microbiological analyzes.

nostro ingrediente principale: l’acqua osmotizzata.

The water we use in our production chain is produced in a continuous cycle through a reverse osmosis system, thanks to the use of constantly monitored resins and filters, which allows us to obtain microbiologically “pure” water. We have invested and continue to invest in the production of osmotic water, because we believe that this is the basis of a safe cosmetic product, protected from possible pollution.


The production department is the absolute protagonist of the concrete realization of the cosmetic. To do this, CLARIDE makes use of different and specific homogenizers and mixers for each type and quantity of product to be produced.

Turboemulsifier 200 Kg

Our production capacity ranges from small processes to large productions, to fully satisfy the needs of each individual customer.

Furthermore, each production batch is carefully controlled, through a quality control to reflect the GMP regulations (Good Manufacturing Standards) dictated by the New Regulation 1223/2009.

Quality control requires energy and commitment, but it allows to obtain safe and tested batches of products, guaranteeing the best reproducibility.

The production department, in line with quality control, therefore checks the chemical-physical parameters, comparing them with previous productions.

In addition, samples are taken to carry out stability and microbiological checks.

Samples of semi-finished products are archived for each production batch, as well as those of finished and packaged products.

Periodic checks are carried out both for sampling at ambient temperatures and at extreme temperatures of accelerated aging (stability test).

Dosage and packaging

The dosing and packaging department is equipped with the most modern equipment capable of satisfying every need for shape and packaging content.

We are able to fill:

  • Plastic / glass jars from 3 ml to 1,000 ml
  • Plastic / glass bottles from 3ml to 1,000ml

An alphanumeric batch is printed on each container using an ink jet coding machine present in the packaging lines.

Finally, the product is packaged and bundled according to the customer’s requests.

warehouse and logistics

Our factory is organized in such a way as to have a large space for the storage of packaging (containers and cases) and the finished product.

The department, which guarantees an environment at a suitable temperature, supports the loading-unloading area, so that once the packaging is complete, the product is ready to be shipped to the customer.